August 26, 2012

Where's Ben?

Gerry came up for a work session Saturday. Ben Hom also tried to attend, but he never made it in the house as no one heard him ring the door bell. Sorry about that Ben. You missed a good session and not one, but two cakes that Gerry brought up from C'ville. Hopefully we can get you over next time.

Gerry worked on detailing the Stoneman's Station scene. He added stairs to the freight platform and to the embankment. The ladder in the embankment was based on a similar scene at the prototype Stoneman's.

Then Gerry took on the challenge of adding nail holes to the freight platform. He actually liked doing it.

The rough frame for the porch roof. 

I continued work on the tavern. It is just about done except for the sign and some touch up.

Almost done with the tavern
Gerry brought over an impressive assortment of reference books for additional ideas for out buildings and 19th century vernacular architecture in general. I am looking forward to studying them. We also discussed the ACWRR Road Show. The design in coalescing, but still not finished yet.

It is hard to get a good photo of the tavern without the lights or valance showing.

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