November 8, 2012

Cherbourg Harbor Diorama

It's been a busy time so no work to report on the rail gun, home layout or Road Show. However, I did come across an interesting diorama that I thought would be appropriate to share on this blog. It depicts a scene from World War II showing the Allies harbor in Cherbourg, France. It is built about HO scale with 1/72 to 1/96th scale models used. It is a massive project built by a club with members from Belgium.  Check it out.

We are having an ACWRR Road Show work session this weekend, so hopefully there will be progress to blog about soon. If you are in the neighborhood and want to check it out or help out, drop me a line.

1 comment:

  1. Well Bernie, would I be in your neighboorhood I gladly would come..... but 5000 k's is a bit too much ;) I wish you a good weekeend and hope to see more progress soon. I myself will be pretty busy with my own ACW road show in progress.

    The Cherbourgh dio was here in Europe a few times to see. The subject is great and they worked it out pretty good. The only thing that isn't that good are the track and trains. Nothing runs and they mixed too much brands together and also of too many time periods.

    But you have to see the size to believe it!

    Grtz, Ronald.