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November 18, 2012

December Road Show Work Session

The next ACWRR Road Show work session will be 1 December starting at 1300.  At this session we plan to install the foam terrain, roadbed. We also need to finish the framing for the staging section including devising a means to secure the front panel so that it is removable. Then we will paint the fascia, valance, and perhaps the base coat on the backdrop.

In the meantime my mom and I will be working on the curtains to hide the legs and a patriotic red, white and blue bunting for the front. The bunting was Marty's idea. I think it will add a nice touch to the layout.  My mom is visiting the next couple weeks and she brought her sewing machine with her.

Also at this session we will assess the lighting and decide if we need to take steps to adjust the colors of the light.

The recent Narrow Gauge convention in Seattle featured the debut of the Hangman Creek Narrow Gauge display layout. It won Best of Show at the convention. Here is a link for more information about it. Our project is much smaller in scope, but the two layouts share many ideas in presentation style.

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  1. I wish I could come Bernie. I can't wait to hear everyone's assessment of the lighting and it's color. I'm patiently waiting to place an order!