January 28, 2013

Another Land Merrimack

I received a note from Greg Vigle, a collector of model artillery. He sent me some photos of an model of the Land Merrimack rail gun he bought from an estate sale. Here is what he said,

By chance I happened to find photos on the military railroad page of a remarkable model that you recently constructed of the famous Petersburg railroad cannon. I was utterly astounded, especially given the timing, to find this, because I very recently acquired an almost equally remarkable model of the same piece, made over 25 years ago! I am attaching a scan of two photos of this model, taken by the maker. The scale is probably about 1/24, with the entire model about 11 inches long
              The man who made it was named Joseph Sckripkunas, he was a former machinist who specialized in making incredibly detailed models of cannons. He made over 300 over a 30 year period, and was very well known in the model cannon world. I acquired a substantial number of his remaining smaller models last year from a friend of his who was the executor of his estate, he passed away early last year. This particular model was apparently one of his most prized, with good reason.
              Like you, he had only the two known photos to go on, plus similar amounts of additional historical information (he was an expert on cannons in general). But, he most likely only had access to photos reproduced in books, as opposed to high-res 8x10 prints (I now have the latter, of both of the known photos). 
It looks like a section of G gauge track under the model, so the scale is probably close to 1/32 assuming it was built on standard gauge track.

It is different from my model in some respects, but overall, it is a very attractive model.

Thanks Greg for sending the photos and story.

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