January 11, 2013

New Maps of USMRR Aquia Line

I recently discovered the Historical Map and Chart Collection of the NOAA Office of Coast Survey. After some searching on their site  I found two new maps (to me at least!) of the USMRR Aquia Line.

The first one is quite interesting as it shows the HQ locations of the major units. It also shows many of the structures that occupied the area.

The second map shows the USMRR Aquia line in the upper right corner of a fairly large map. It is interesting as it shows a lot of woods and stream detail. Many of the farm houses are also identified.  You can find that map at this link http://historicalcharts.noaa.gov/historicals/preview/image/CWEVA


  1. What an outstanding research find! I await with great interest to see your results in applying these two maps to the layout. My impression is you were familiar with the terrain of the period, so I am interested in any new revelations and changes these maps might influence. Thanks for locating a "new" source of data inputs. Civil War maps from the Coastal Survey is a great "Outside the Box" find.

  2. I don't anticipate any major changes based on these maps. They pretty much confirm other information that I have found. The proximity of certain headquarters near the railroad was new information, but I don't really have room in the areas affected to add much more. The new information may add some "chrome" to operating sessions.

    There is disconnect in the dates. The map says it was "traced at the U.S. Coast Survey Office, June 18th 1863." The maps shows Burnside as the Army of the Potomac Commander. By that date Hooker was in charge.