July 8, 2013

Sign-Up Sheet for Op Sessions at the NMRA Meet

We plan to hold a limited number of operating sessions on McCook's Landing at the NMRA meeting.  We plan to offer three sessions a day starting on Tuesday and going through Friday morning. However, we will not have any sessions planned for Wednesday as we will be attending layout tours.

If you wish to participate in a session, please sign up by either sending me an email or commenting to this message below. I will manually update the sign up sheet on this blog post as folks reply. This will serve as the advance sign up sheet. We may have some additional impromptu sessions during the interstitial times if there is interest and time.

Each session can take up to three operators: Conductor, engineer and brakeman. A session will take about 45 -60 minutes including some training on the paperwork, throttle and couplers. The conductor will deal with some authentic paper work from the 1860s. The engineer will operate a radio throttle connnected to a battery powered loco. The brakeman will operate link and pin couplers and scale sized switch stands controlling stub turnouts.

Tuesday  10 AM Conductor  Rob Hinkle     Engineer John Bopp    Brakeman  John Brazaitis

Tuesday 2 PM     Conductor___________   Engineer___________ Brakeman_________

Tuesday 8 PM     Conductor___________   Engineer___________ Brakeman_________

Thursday 10 AM Conductor  S. Neumann   Engineer  Bill Welch      Brakeman_________

Thursday 2 PM    Conductor___________   Engineer Thom Radice  Brakeman_________

Thursday 8 PM    Conductor___________   Engineer___________ Brakeman_________

Friday 10 AM      Conductor___________   Engineer___________ Brakeman_________


  1. Bernie, I'd like to take the Thurs 2PM slot for engineer but am open to any at that time. Thom

  2. Bernie, I'd like to do either the Thursday 10AM Brakeman option or Tuesday 10AM Conductor. Thanks.