March 31, 2014

A Fence Post

Redoubt No. 2 painted on backdrop. Better make
sure the flags blow the same way. The figures
are still on their temporary bases.
Is this a post about fences?

With a vey rainy weekend, it was time to do some scenery at Brooke.

I finally painted the last section of backdrop. This area is mostly a bare hill dominated by Redoubt Number 2.  That completes all the backdrops, though I may have some touch up to do in Aquia when I get there.

Supertree Copse
 The deep scene is nice, but the problem with deep scenes is that they are....deep.  It was very difficult to paint on the wall as the scene is very far back and hard to access. I knew this was coming, perhaps thats why I put it off so long.  But it came out nice in the end.

I decided to add a copse of trees where the backdrop bumps out to avoid a plumbing pipe. The trees help soften the visual impact of the protrusion. I used Supertree twigs attached to small sticks for trunks. I wanted the trees in this area to be smaller for some forced perspective so I didn't make wire armature trees.
Fences run all along the main line from Accokeek to Broke.

One of the key scenic features in this area are the fences. Since the terrain is mostly open, the fences add a nice detail.

The story is that the Union has a large herd of beeves here. So they installed or repaired the existing fences to make sure the cattle stay put.  There is about 36 feet (actual) of fence so far, with plans for abut 10 more feet.

I have a pack of Woodland scenics cows, but I probably could use more. 


  1. Great work and great pics!

  2. Looks good. More explanation on how you made the "midground" trees with the sticks since they could very well make excellent foreground trees in HO.
    And I have some S scale cows in my pile of stuff (don't ask) - let me know if you want them for a forced perspective bovine collection.

  3. I'll post some intermediate shots of the trees later. Basically a twig with a supertree sprig and some wood putty to build up a transition.

    W/ re to cows S or otherwise, yes, of course, because to quote Bruce Dickinson, "It needs more cow...."

  4. Beautifully done, Bernie! Looks like I need another trip up to see your excellent work. Thanks for sharing!