March 26, 2014

Bad battery, bad! Good battery, good!

I swapped out the battery on Fury tonight. It was rather trivial, as the battery simply unplugs from the Battery Power Supply (BPS). I installed a new battery, reconnected the wires from tender to engine and she was back in operation. I plan to get rid of the plugs and hot wire the tender and the engine. The plugs are a pain, especially if one has to man-handle the loco at all (more about that later).

While I was at it, I trimmed the wood pile a bit. It now does not completely hide the electronics, there are a few view angles where they can be seen. But from most angles the smaller wood pile looks better.

Paul was over last week taking photos of Fury and Whiton for an article about battery power for MR. His article will survey some of the new systems available by using Steve Sherril's and my layout as case studies.
Steve uses the Del Tang system. It is incredibly tiny. If you have a small engine that you would like to add battery power, that system might be the answer.

The video by Joey Ricard describes Steve's system.

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