November 24, 2017

A Laser cutting workstation


The current work station is inefficient and disorganized
All tools must fold up and be put away to fit the car in the garage
The new design work station 
After years of using a simple plywood and 2x4 based work station for my laser, I decided to build a better one.  The current work station is inefficient as there is a lot of wasted volume, and tends to get disorganized as there is no good place to store materials.

The new design would have places to store materials,  a sliding shelf for the laptop,  and a place where the compressor sits on the floor to minimize vibrations. I am using this project as a self training exercise to learn how to use some new tools I purchased.

Since I have no room for a table saw in my garage, I bought a Festool Track saw and rail, their matching router, and a multifunction table. I also picked up some accessories to help cut things square and parallel. Those included Parf dogs, Seneca Woodworking parallel track guides, and Festool router guide stops.

It took awhile to learn how to use the various accessories (yes, I did read the instructions), and I made a few mistakes, but the basic frame is done after day 1.  Tomorrow I'll add the sliding shelf, cubby holes and  face frame. I'll also drill out the hole for the air line and electric power to the compressor. I may try to add a master switch for the all the electrical components too.


  1. Very neat! Did you design this, or is it from a set of plans?

  2. Il like your licenseplate :)

    Good work!!

    Greetz, Ronald.

  3. A "Kreg Jig" is great for face frames!!!