November 25, 2017

New Train Bulletin Sign at Falmouth

The laser cutting work station is complete and the laser is back in operation. The first task was to engrave a new train bulletin sign at Falmouth. The previous train bulletin was recycled from McCooks and showed trains Eastward and Westward. That caused some confusion for my boomer operators, so I made a new one showing Southward and Northward, the same as in the time table.

For material I used some left over masonite that was finished for chalkboards. Marty left some of this material here after I did a small cutting job for him (actually it was for his wife, but the reason is Christmas confidential).  The material engraved nicely and made a good sign.


  1. Hey, it worked!
    How did you color the lettering, or is that the "natural" Masonite tones showing through the black?

    1. That is the natural color after engraving away the black layer.