April 20, 2018

War on several fronts

New ship visits Burnside's Wharf
 Work progresses on parallel fronts.

The scenery at Burnside Wharf is almost done. This includes a new ship that I painted on the backdrop.  This took about 3 hours to paint, proving the adage that the easiest way to have a ship on your layout  is on the backdrop. I plan to add a few more ships to the scene on the backdrop.

I also started building the Provost Marshall's Office. This small building acts as the station for Aquia Landing. Any person that wants to ride the train needs a pass from the Provost Marshall.

I decided to place this building next to the wye turnout at the base of the Aquia  Landing wharf. This will allow me to replicate the scene in the prototype image fairly closely, even though I don't copy the track and building arrangement at Aquia Landing exactly.

I had to remove a few inches from the siding behind the PM building to make room, but that track is still long enough for several cars. This will be the track where the passenger cars are spotted.

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