April 18, 2018

New Tunnel Scenery

Here is a shot showing the static grass scenery around the new tunnel portal. I plan to add trees to the hill in the rear later.

A shot like this shows off the crisp detail available in O scale.

Now here is the same shot with a photo backdrop for the tree line. I also did a little color tweaking to make the grass a bit less green and less saturated.

And here is the night version - converted using Photoshop


  1. Looks Fantastic Bernie.

  2. I like the backdrop in photo #1, and the coloring of photo #2. However, what really looks good is the ballasting. The size, color, and profile of the rock is very realistic.

    1. The ballast is rock I collected in Utah, then sifted for size. It's too light in color for the Aquia Line, as they used local dirt, mostly red clay. So then comes the tricky part, I have to color my ballast.