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September 28, 2009

Painting Backdrops Continued

I devoted my layout work this weekend towards backdrops. I was able to complete the backdrops from Falmouth to Stoneman's Switch.
I used several pieces of Brian Kamerer's art composited with my painted skies and background painting. I used Photoshop to resize and move elements around to best fit the intended location.
Then I printed sections of Brian's art sections on my 13x17 inch Epson 1400 printer. I cut out the scenes, touched them up as needed with pen or paint and glued them to the backdrop using spray adhesive.

In some cases I used acrylics to paint the scenes surrounding the cut-outs to make them fit. Overall, I think it worked out very well and the redone backdrop behind looks good. I also like the way the creek bed and hill by Stonemans came out. Brian's art is full of intricate detail with many soldiers, horses and wagons that would be tedious and difficult for me to paint. Many thanks to Brian for letting me use his art.

This is a view of the freight house in its new location at Stoneman's Switch.

That is spline roadbed in the foreground. I am trying to get the backdrops done before proceeding with track and finished scenery. However, I am roughing in the terrain forms before putting down the track. It seems more logical to me this way.

The brakeman's view. A shot with the iPhone resting on the deck of a flat car - just for fun.

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