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November 20, 2009

Big Design Change Coming

Two nights ago my brother Marco was working on extending the roadbed from Potomac Creek to Aquia Landing. We discussed several possibilities for adding the wye to Burnside's Wharf at the south end of Aquia, none of them satisfactory. See here for the original plan.

After he left I began to look at the layout, then I started squinting. Since a wye was not going to work, I dropped the idea. That freed up some possibilities.

I did some measurements, and decided that Aquia Landing would fit on the shelf in my workshop adjacent to the main layout room. I had planned to use this layout footprint in my previous N scale layout. I think it will work here.

The advantages are several: a longer run, room for a long siding at Brooke, the possibilities to model a small town where the harbor would have been, room for more structures and scenery.

The main disadvantage is that the harbor area won't have as much room for ship models and structures, but the track arrangement would stay about the same.

There would also need to be a non-prototypical tunnel to let the track loop back around the HVAC room to the work shop. I'll make it look like Crozet
Tunnel, since I have the laser artwork for that tunnel done and the actual tunnel predated the ACW.

I still need to work out the details, but it looks promising. Note that for the sections of the layout already completed, there are slight changes from this plan. At some point I will update the complete drawing with the as-built design.

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