January 15, 2010

Putting things in perspective

I was thinking about the previous layouts I had started in my current layout room and was wondering how it was that I was able to fit an O Scale layout in this space. That inspired me to take a shot comparing O Scale civil war era equipment to modern equipment. In this shot we see my O Scale 4-4-0 USMRR Haupt compared to an HO scale Sante Fe Dash-9 and a N scale DRGW SD-50. The heft of the O scale equipment is obvious, even though the engine is about the same length as a HO Scale Dash 9. On the other hand the N Scale loco looks tiny!

In going through my old photos, I found a shot of the first layout I started in this space, a double deck depiction of the DRGW line through Soldier Summit in N Scale. I had all the benchwork finished and some track down, when I began to believe that the layout was too complex for me to have a reasonable chance of completing. After several other layout attempts in this space, a couple books and many modules later, I ended up with the USMRR O Scale layout. However, most of the benchwork from that first layout is incorporated into the current layout.

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