March 10, 2010

Two New Sentries On Duty

Privates Clarson and Peck report to duty to relieve Private McGuirk at Potomac Creek bridge while Corporal Emery supervises.

Now, another quiz. See if you can spot the mistake in these photos. I have since corrected it, so you'll have to look closely.

Hint:It may help if you take a break in between looking at the two pictures.


  1. Very nicely done! That's a neat way to diversify the hobby - when you're not up for scenery or track, or something else... go paint figs! Well done scene too.

  2. Clarson always lagged a step behind since he carried a quadruple ration of Mountain Dew...if fact, he was the inspiration for the 2 liter bottle...

  3. Bernie, I'd say the anamoly is that the privates are reporting for picket or sentry duty, but they are outfitted in full marching order!

    They look great though!

  4. I don't know, sentry uniform could be full kit in case they have to move out? But there is a more glaring error.

    Note the brakes on the flat car. The brake truck is on the end opposite of the brake wheel. Cars in this era had brakes on one truck only. I have since fixed it by swapping the trucks and putting them on the right end.