June 21, 2011

More tuning and scenery work

Thanks to Linda Dolkos' Book Club, her husband Paul stopped by my layout for a work session. He brought over two Easy DCC throttles to test to see why I've been getting spurious results when I try to use two throttles at the same time. After checking things out, resetting the throttle addresses to null,  and reprogramming the throttle IDs, it appeared that things were running normally. We were able to run the two DCC equipped locos at the same time. Paul was able to run a 6 car train from Falmouth to Brook and back, while I ran the Haupt. Paul also fiddled with the momemtum settings on the Whiton, reducing it a bit to make the engine easier to control. I reminded him that he was the person who programmed the momentum the first time. :) It is cool to listen to the sound chip announced the programming changes through the speaker.

He then went to work on the hillside that he had worked earlier, covering the terrain with kraft paper and reshaping the slope to allow a little more room at the track lpevel.

Meanwhile, I did some more tuning. I re-gauged one of the turnouts at Stoneman's as it was tight. I also adjusted the ride height on one of my box cars. This car was riding high enough, that when it was pushed, the link from the neighboring car created an upward thrust that was derailing the car on some of the turnouts. By filing the laser cut acrylic bolster I was able to get the car to ride lower by about 0.040 inches. That seemed to help.

After that I painted some barrels and finished the windows and doors for the depot at Falmouth. I had to recut the door openings as I had made then too tall. It was a realtively easy fix.  I also cut an access hatch in the floor of the building to allow me to add some interior details. Now I need to come up with some way to detail the interior that is simple and quick. It is very hard to see into the building, but one can look lengthwise through the building as one gable wall is right by the aisle as you enter the room.
Finally I demonstrated the laser cut iPhone tripod adapter I made for holding my iPhone. At some point I'll post some test videos.

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  1. A little weight will help with the lifting too.