September 27, 2011

The War Came by Train Trailer

Work still continues on getting the basement back in shape. The floor is done, but some chores still remain. With no progress on the railroad to report, I suggest you check out this neat trailer for the B&O RR Museum "The War Came by Train" exhibit for your Civil War Railroading fix.


  1. I was there last weekend for their combination Steam Days and Civil War Encampment. Posted some videos on YouTube of the #25. I wish they had the funding to make up a "civil war train" to go with the locomotive.

  2. There is a group near York, Pa that is putting together a civil war era operating train. The engine is being built new at a cost of $2 Million. The builder is the same guy that recently built the Leviathan.

    See for more info about the group.