December 24, 2011

Dirty Job 161

Where is Mike Rowe when you need him? I slung some water putty, white glue, and fast and final spackle on the layout tonight. The objective was to get the dam scene surrounded with basic scenery so I can paint it and then get the mill placed. Then final detailing can begin.

First I taped over the Easy DCC control panel with masking tape to keep glue and water putty off it.  I also taped over the tracks to keep the mess off them.

Then I  added a layer of rosin paper soaked in a 50-50 mix of white glue and water to the existing cardboard and rosin paper sections. These strips were to reinforce the paper and webbing at Dolkos-Weilepp Cut, which was a little loose.

Then I added a layer of heavy duty paper towels soaked in a soupy mixture of Durham's Water Putty, water and a heavy dash of white glue.

Once this is dry and the putty set, I'll check it for mistakes and glitches. I'll fix any problems and then add the base dirt layer.  The areas where the ditches touch the wood roadbed  will probably need some additional work.

On the areas where I had a pink foam base, I used fast and final lightweight spackle to fill in voids and correct the terrain shape. Lightweight spackle works very well will the extruded foam.

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