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September 17, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy?

Marty and I recently had a discussion about model railroads and happiness. Without getting into his specifics, which I am sure he will blog about at some point, we came up with this Happiness versus Layout Complexity graph.

Many model railroaders assume the red line is the approach to happiness. Bigger is better. 

Others insist that only a large complex layout allows them to attain  happiness. They ride the blue line. 

Some people are never really happy regardless of what they build. Those are the yellow line folks. 

I suspect that most of us in the real world of commitments other than hobbies walk the green line. Yes, a layout can be too big.

While you contemplate this, enjoy this cover rendition of the popular song "Happy" by the Canadian Group Walk Off the Earth and Parachute. 


  1. I'm definitely a 'green line' person... my relatively small layout, which has been under construction for over 30 years, is just the right size for me. Anything bigger would need more time for construction and maintenance than I have available.

  2. I suspect most of us are "green liners" but the others do exist too (without naming names!)

  3. The inverted U curve often describes people's preference along a continuum. The ancients simply stated the maxim "moderation in all things." Modular clubs allow the typical green line modeler to binge on layout size while not having to maintain a long term commitment to maintenance. Many hands make light work.

  4. Lance Mindheim and Trevor Marshall have been banging this drum for awhile. Now we have visuals! I find myself at the green-blue-yellow intersection. But I already bought this big ass house!