January 14, 2015

Lincoln Train is on its way

Dan Toomey from the B&O RR Museum stopped by last night and took delivery of the Lincoln car model. It will be part of the War Came By Train exhibit at the B&O Museum, which will open soon. They have had over a million visitors already. If you haven't seen it yet, this is the last year for the exhibit. In April they plan to reenact the Lincoln Funeral visit to Baltimore in 1865.

 This was a very difficult model to build, especially given the large scale. I am glad it is done and Dan was happy with it.

 With that project done, I will have time to get cracking on Aquia Landing, the next major phase of my layout. Well, actually,...I am wrapping up another book for Kalmbach, but I will start on Aquia after that.

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