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April 7, 2015

New track plan artwork

For my latest book, I designed 45 new track plans. They range in size from small shelf layouts to huge basement filling dream layouts. For the track plans I used improved graphic techniques. To show what I mean, here is a sample track plan drawing I did for Thom Radice's W&A RR layout. He designed the layout, I did the graphics from his rough sketch. It is not in my book, but it illustrates the new style of track plan graphics.

Thom's layout is in the attic story of a large Victorian Style home. The ceiling is steeply sloped, that is why the layout does not hug the walls. If you want to see more of this gorgeous layout, it is featured in my book, "Model Railroads Go to War." You can also visit his blog at http://western-and-atlantic-rr.blogspot.com.

If you would like a similar drawing of your layout,  please contact me to discuss the project. The fees depend on the amount of time required. 

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