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May 20, 2015

150th Anniversary of the Grand Review of the Armies

General Humphreys and Staff lead units of 2nd Corps on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, in the Grand Review of the Armies on May 23, 1865. Over 80,000 men marched on the first day and 65,000 on the second day.

Over  two-days in May, 1865, the victorious and reunited Union held a review to honor its soldiers. Three Union armies- the Army of the Potomac, Army of Tennessee, and Army of Georgia- nearly 150,000 men, participated in the review. Sherman later called the experience, "the happiest and most satisfactory moment of my life."See this link for more information about the actual event.

Last weekend over 1,000 civil war reenactors commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Grand Review of the Armies in Washington, DC. I regret that I did not attend the event. However, the video provides a nice summary, especially with regard to righting an injustice done to the United States Colored Troops that fought for the Union but were not permitted to march in the review.

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