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October 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Layouts

Andy Sperandeo visiting my DRGW Soldier Summit
layout in my previous house.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. News that Andy Sperandeo passed away today was unwelcome. Andy was the editor of Model Railroader for many years. He was there when I got my start in model railroad writing. I have to thank him for the chance.

In addition to working with Andy while writing for Kalmbach, I got to know Andy a bit over the years as we frequently met at operation sessions around the United States. He was warm and funny guy, in spite of his serious and quiet  demeanor. We were both former Army officers and I recall spending several hours in a car with him trading Army stories.

He visited my layouts at least twice that I recall, once to see the progress on a DRGW Soldier Summit Project layout and once to see the Aquia Line. His own home layout was never finished, but it was characterized by impeccable and flawless track work, and what I consider a brilliant design.  He will be missed.

While looking back at my photos today and remembering Andy,  I noticed some of the DRWG Tennessee Pass layout I was building in my current basement. The Soldier Summit layout was in my previous house. I thought I would post some to show how far things have come in my current basement and to perhaps cheer things up a bit.

Climbing uphill to Tennessee Pass

The current location of Clairborne Creek to Falmouth. The backdrop was my favorite aspect of the layout.

My rendition of Mitchell Curves (this part of the layout survived and I still have it in storage)

Pando Tunnel

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  1. A very nice tribute to Andy Sperandeo. A sad day all round in model railroading. He will be missed!