January 10, 2016

Peewee Pungy Puzzles Producer

Work progresses on the Pungy for the museum diorama. I finished most of the hull including the wheel, cabin, hatches, anchor winch, and bowsprit.  The job is taking much longer than I expected for two main reasons. One is that I don't have a lot of experience in building schooners, so I need to look up and verify each part. The plans I have are good, but they don't show a lot of detail.

Palming the Pygmy Pungy 

Secondly, the peewee size of the model has both complicated and simplified the construction.  For example, the bowsprit has several detail pieces that connect the boom to the clipper bow. I pondered how to make them, drawing up detailed versions on the computer. But when I realized how small the actual parts were, a single laser cut piece was all that was needed.

The masts are less that 1/8th inch in diameter. To get the proper tapered profile, I used my lathe with the steady rest. That worked pretty well, though I did break a couple masts as I sanded them to final shape. They are not much thicker than toothpicks.

Now the challenge is to rig the model in reasonable way that is close to scale.

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