February 9, 2016

Alkem Shipping Lines

Work continues on the museum diorama. I'll post some photos soon.

In the meantime, planning for the new fleet of Alkem Shipping Lines is underway. As part of that process, we need to select a livery for our ships. The first in the fleet in the MV Danica Marie, named after the owner's beautiful daughter. Here are several paint schemes to consider. Which do you like best, blue, black, gray, light blue or red?


  1. Red as it will weather nicely; these ships get a lot of wear and tear.


    1. Rust on red is tricky. Also, faded red looks pink, which is also hard to pull off. On the other hand, red and white are Alkem Scale Models official colors.

  2. Honestly I like the light blue. And it will be amenable to weathering.

  3. That is the same color scheme as Maersk Lines. It is nice, but I am shying away from it.

  4. Dark blue. The light blue has "recognition" issues (Maersk), the red is going to be hard for crews to "maintain" and looks like a coast guard vessel from several nations, the grey is hard to read, and the black is, ...well... black, and won't "stand out" from the crowd on the waterfront.

  5. The top one -blue with red below the water line