November 29, 2016

Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

Steve Wilson with 2 of the 3 dioramas that will be on loan 

This evening Steven Wilson from the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum at the Lincoln Memorial University Library in Harrogate, TN, stopped by to visit the layout and pick up some of my dioramas. The dioramas will be on display for the next two years at the museum as part of a new exhibit on technology in the Civil War. I'll post more information about the display when it is ready in a few months.

While Steve was visiting, we ran a few trains to demonstrate the Aquia Line layout. Steve is not a model railroader, so he had a lot of questions about the hobby.

Last week my brother and his wife visited us from their home in Florida. We played a lot of golf and ate lots of good food. Nonetheless, I managed to get in about 15 minutes of rail fanning as the Whiskey Creek Golf Course is adjacent to the B&O Old Main Line near Ijmansville, MD.

CSX Autorack train heading to Baltimore with about 50 loaded auto racks passes Mussetter Rd in Ijmansville, MD

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