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May 12, 2017

Maine Harbor Dioramas

I am making progress on the track playing at Aquia Landing.  All the rails are on the wharf and I am proceeding to install the wye.  I was able to test run trains on the wharf using my battery powered locos. Things are working well, but I still am in work-in-progress mode as evidenced buy the tools scattered all over the layout.

Just three turnouts to go, however, the last section of track is on Burnside's Wharf, so the progress will be slow.

In the meantime, I would like to point out two wonderful dioramas that are for sale American Marine Model Gallery.  These charming waterfront dioramas built by William Hitchcock depict waterfront scenes in Maine where rail cars interchange with steam and sailing ships.  The first is based on Rockland and the second at Frenchmans Bay.

I've always liked the Rockland Branch of the Maine Central RR. It had a lot of interesting activity  including waterfront scenes, numerous industries, and interchanges with narrow gauge railroads. I understand Bob Hayden's new layout is depicting that branch.  I listed his old layout in my top ten that I have visited, so I eagerly await development of his new project.

Where rails meet the Sea - Hitchcock's Rockland, ME Diorama 

Frenchman Bay, ME  Diorama by Hitchcock

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