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March 4, 2018

Passenger Car Finished

John Barry stopped by on Saturday for  mini work session. He got to work adding glazing to windows for the warehouses on Aquia Landing. I had pre-painted them, so it was just a matter of  adding the glazing. There were about 80 windows that need glazing and John got most of them done.

In the meantime I did various tasks. First I added a car card box and shelf to the Burnside Wharf area. I have initially grouped the cards for Aquia Landing and Burnside's Wharf in one box. But after a few op sessions, it seems like a separate box at Burnside Wharf might make things easier for  my operators.

I also made a new car card box for Aquia Landing that fit the fascia better.

I then spent a good part of the rest of the weekend working on the passenger car. I decided to rebuild the roof. The first roof I made was warping because the joists were not glued to the roof decking. So I made new joists and purlins. I also cut a new roof deck from 1/32 basswood. I added scribed lines to create the look of planks, but to also to kerf the the wood roof to curve easier. The top surface of the roof is a piece of paper secured with spray glue.

The new roof fits tightly with no warp. It also looks cool when the roof is off.

I finished the rest room details and added the steps, railings and some other minor details.

The decals are from a set I had made several years ago.


  1. USMRR car looks fabulous! Very good looking interior detailing; just enough.

    1. what else would you add? I was thinking of some kind of luggage rack, and perhaps some lanterns. But what kind of lanterns would the USMRR have in a pax car?

  2. Yep! Looks great!!
    For people why don't you try my technique...Paint on black cardstock just the highlights for face and uniform..dry brushing the shoulders so the colors begin to fall off below the sill...I can do you a few versions in greatcoats and just dupe them and then fold bottom and glue onto flat cardstock which will rest upon the seat bottom...Some slouched with caps over their eyes or smoking a pipe or standing in the aisle
    Inside the car you will not be able to tell they are just silos..Reverse print them for other side of car... Let me take a crack at them sometime this week and send you a file...just supply me the body ratio size from butt on seat to approx window height for the head....I can then scale them form a larger drawing to the correct size and post a link in dropbox.All you have to do then is print off and spray mount to some black cardstock or white cardstock sprayed with Flatblack paint since from the opposite side they will be silos anyway in the low interior light.

    1. Excellent idea. I'll send you a drawing of the seats.
      I was going to do something similar for inside the warehouses. Just a bunch of cut outs of boxes etc.