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September 13, 2018

Hurricane Season

The south east coast of the United States is bracing for a large hurricane, named Florence. While we don't get too many hurricanes in our area, there have been some devastating storms in the past.  Hurricane Camille in particular caused a lot of damage in Virginia.

As I looked at the expected landfall of the current storm, right into the Carolinas, I was wondering what would have happened if a major hurricane hit land during the Civil War.  Wikipedia has a list of recorded hurricanes for the most of the united States history. The records are spotty, but the bottom line is that during the ACW, just a few hurricanes made landfall and they had minor effects.  This blog post by Brian Whitenton at the Mariner's Museum summarizes the effect of a storm on the Port Royal expedition. Another good summary of hurricanes during the ACW, and earthquakes too, is at this blog.

I will heading north this weekend, away from Hurricane Florence. I will be at the NMRA NER Regional Convention in New Jersey. I will be presenting two clinics and the key note talk. I look forward to seeing my northern friends.

I will return next week, to help host the Middle Atlantic Railroad Prototype Meet 2018. We have a great event lined up. Please see www.MARPM.org for info.

The Thursday op session is full, but some openings are available for the Sunday op sessions.
If you wish to attend the Thursday open houses you must preregister for the event.

We have a bunch of vendors signed up with 27 vendor tables, making this a great opportunity to pick up supplies for the up coming model railroad season.

Our top ranked clinicians are ready to present a carefully curated list of topics that will capture your interest.
Registration will also be available at the door with payment by check, cash or credit card.

Please stay safe during this up coming storm and we'll see you next week.

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  1. Hi Bernie, great presentation last night! Also great chatting with you if you can send me info on the 2xl shirts we’d be happy to purchase them. Definilty would like to stop by when I. The area. Cheers and hope you had safe travels home.