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April 27, 2019

Nation's Fortress

I'm getting ready for a two week road trip to attend Prorail 2019 in Tulsa, OK. I was in Tulsa a couple years ago  for a model railroad event and had a great time. This year I hope to operate some layouts that I didn't get to see then. Tulsa is a nice city with a hot bed of model railroad activity.

Along the way I'll stop at civil war battlefields, museums, visit my children, and  see some layouts too. I'll be driving solo, so I am taking the trip in smaller segments than our normal blitzkrieg road trip.

Meanwhile, I recommend you check out this book that my brother wrote with some help from me.
To quote from the Amazon web site, (Click the image to go to the Amazon web site).

A riveting path through 210 years of the American experience as traveled by two distinct but united families. From the whistling artillery at the Battle of Yorktown to the frozen mountains of Korea, the Kempinskis and Maxeys served and fought for their country. The rich and diverse stories of these citizen soldiers as they marched, flew, and battled through every major conflict in our nation’s history is revealed in this gripping book. Each contributed, some dearly, to America’s success and in their own way built the Nation’s Fortress.


One of the neat things about the book is that each story has a different format, including an original poem, letters home, first person memoir of a soldier suffering PTSD, and a graphic novel.  I did the artwork for the graphic novel. It tells a short story about my namesake grandfather in WWI. He lied about his age and enlisted at age 15 in the US Army.

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