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August 8, 2019

Two more days....

Installing the new baseboards and getting ready to paint. 

The contractors tell me they will be finished with the flooring and wall repairs in two more days. Then comes the unenviable task of cleaning up all the construction dust and putting everything back together.

I plan to redesign the work bench in this area making the
 work bench smaller and the aisle by Aquia Landing larger. 
The photo at the left shows how the workers built temporary supports to hold up the shelves at Aquia Landing while they install the tiles underneath.

I will take the opportunity to rebuild my modeling bench. I plan to reconfigure the workbench so that the aisle is wider. I may also get rid of the shelves on the back wall. Time for another purge.

The tiling work has proven a challenge to Alberto and his sons. They are used to working in wide open areas without so much stuff in the way. They are doing a good job of working under the layout. But dust is getting everywhere.

The tile will look nice when done and hopefully be more survivable in a flood.

I had to move stuff around to make clearance at the floor level, so my books, modeling supplies, and spare kits have been scrambled.  My garage is full of boxes of books, tools and supplies. I suspect the probability of more stuff getting purged is high as my fatigue level with this project increases.

Alberto and his sons are working hard to
install tile under the existing layout.

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