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November 5, 2019

Building a model display case

I am gradually getting things knocked off my do list. Today I finished a small display cabinet to store and display the military miniatures I have been building over the past year.

I decided that the models deserved better treatment than to be stuffed in storage boxes in a closet. So I made a cherry wood display cabinet with acrylic shelves. I installed a battery powered LED light in the top. The LED lighting can display different colors to reflect the mood. The models are on display near my work shop and gaming room.

I added a seventh shelf since taking these pictures.

I used the display case as a sample project to learn Fusion 360. I recently downloaded the program and started to take some tutorials on it.  I drew the display cabinet as an exercise. This is in preparation for learning how to do 3D printing. That is another item on my do list.

Next, I want to build a larger display case that will organize and display my 1/43rd scale Porsche race car collection. The theme will be "The History of Porsche Racing."  I hope to use some of the lessons I learned from the first display cabinet to improve this larger one.

The frame glue-up

Mood lighting

Once the Porsche racing cabinet is done, I'll be able to start work on the shelving in my office including space for a small layout.

But before that happens, I have some op sessions on the Aquia Line to prepare for, and several projects for Alkem Scale Models.

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