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June 2, 2020

Phase I is Complete

I finished the last punch list items for Phase I. I never officially defined Phase I, but it was the section from Stoneman's Station to the south end of Stares Tunnel. There are always more details I could add, but for now, I will move on. The Belle Air farm scene was to have a summer cook house. But I thought the scene was getting too cluttered, so I added a water well and omitted the summer cook house.

I will take a few days to reset, put away the scenery stuff, and work on some client models. Then I will move on to Phase II.  Phase II goes from Stares Tunnel to Falmouth. I have some time to think about what I want to do with Phase II before I pull the trigger. The current plan is to build as shown in the track plan at the right. But, I need to make sure that is the approach I want to take. There is also some work remaining at Aquia Landing.

I was planning on hosting an op session in early October. But now I'm not so sure that will happen. So it's good to take a pause.

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