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August 20, 2020

Track Plan Tweaks and ebay

Work continues on getting my basement back in shape. I am taking this opportunity to cull the herd. So I am selling some of my excess rolling stock on ebay. If you want to see what I have for sale check out, this link.  

Meanwhile, I made some tweaks to my track plan. I decided the engine terminal at Aquia Landing needs to be in the foreground to make operating the turntable easier and to allow better views of the planned machine shop. I plan to detail the machine shop with a bunch of tools so I want them up close to the viewer so the detail will be appreciated. I also widened the benchwork by the Stoneman's Station. This will give more room for scenery and help protect the legs of the operators as the TV unit shelf extends out past 12 inches in this area. 

 I have mocked up the extended peninsula to see how it affects the room's feng shui.  I like it, but Alicia says it's too cluttered. Fortunately,  the basement is one place where I can overrule her.

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  1. Happy Wife, Happy Life! Best wishes on your new drainage.