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September 1, 2021

Dodged Ida's bullet

 This is getting more like the weather channel than a model railroad site, but I suspect many of you are wondering how we fared in the wake of Hurricane Ida 2021.  Turns out we very were lucky as the main rain bands passed about 2 miles north of us.  This high resolution map showing total accumulated rain in the past 24 hours shows how the heavy rain just missed us in Alexandria. We received less than 2 inches total rain spaced out over several hours. 

I am pleased to report no flooding in our basement. My sympathies to those that have flooded. We know how devastating it can be. 

Last week I presented a clinic via Zoom to the Potomac Division of the NMRA with an update on the Aquia Line. Readers of the blog know all about this, but they will post the video on line at some point in case you want to hear my same old bad jokes.

I am scheduled to do another Zoom clinic for the NMRA Louisville Division on 18 September. 


  1. Rode the Capitol back to DC from Fort Wayne and saw lots of downed trees and evidence of washouts.

  2. I rode back from Fort Wayne to Washington DC on Amtrak’s capital limited Thursday night into Friday and saw lots of evidence of washouts and tons of downed trees moved off the right of way. The train was an hour and a half late out of Chicago mainly due to the fact that it was six hours late getting into Chicago.