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December 9, 2021

I'm ready for second breakfast

Mock up of the new engine terminal - very similar to the old version
Track laying continues on Falmouth. I decided to install the tracks from the rear to the front. So the stub siding to the freight house and most of the passing siding are now installed.  Two mroe turnouts to go.

I have also been rethinking the engine terminal. After several changes of mind, I am going back to what I originally planned, which is very similar to how I had it in the other room.

Meanwhile, I have been getting ready for the holidays. My niece is a Lord of the Rings fanatic, so may wife suggested a present that includes the hobbit meal times. The idea morphed into a clock that displays the meal times instead of the hours. I made it in my shop using the laser to cut some of the pieces. It was fun to make the hobbit home on top. 

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  1. Pip: "I only had three omelettes, two loaves of bread, two ales, 6 pieces of bacon, a mashed potato, two mushrooms, and a pancake....:


    Sam: "That's what I had, too, with some lembas."