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June 21, 2022

Life Imitates Art?


I recently was doing some research on DODX heavy duty flat cars and I can across this handy summary of the types of flat cars used by the Department of Defense for their transportation needs. You can find the original document as a pdf at this link.

Do you notice anything funny about this document? 

Look closely at the photo in the upper right where you see the two Abrams tanks riding on a DODX 40000 series flat car.  That photo is actually one that I took of a brass UTI HO scale model flat car with two Herpa M1 Minitanks and Alkem Scale Models tie down chains. I shot the photo on a diorama I made several years ago. I replaced the photo back drop with an image I shot at the UP yard in El Paso. 

Here is a copy of the original photo before they cropped it.  I guess it was a realistic photo.


  1. I guess even the government isn't above "lifting" other people's photos for their own usage without proper accreditation.

  2. AnonymousJune 22, 2022

    The DoD owes you money. They deliberately cropped the photo to exclude your copyright. I'd raise a small stink and see what you can pry out of them as far as compensation. A major 3-rail train manufacturer once did that to a photo of mine and I was able to get a small but tidy sum out of them as compensation. - Mike H.

  3. DOD is going to need to send large than HO scale sized tanks to Ukraine, or any place else, to help out.