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February 28, 2023

Blasts from the Past with a Topaz AI twist

A shot of on my former HO Scale PoLA layout.  I used PS to replace the sky and Topaz AI to sharpen it. The engines were provided by Ramon Rhodes.

I recently went through some of my older photos of the various model railroad layouts I have built  for use in the local NMRA newsletter.  I decided to process some of the images through Topaz AI to see how they looked. I was very impressed with how  images looked after processing. Noise wasn't too much of an issue with these images, but the Topaz AI sharpening algorithms cleaned up the images much better than PS unsharp mask could. Here are some examples. 

A photo from my former N Scale Mountain Sub layout. I used Topaz AI to sharpen it. The details, especially the red truck in the foreground, look good after processing.

This is a real blast from the past. This is a photo of the first model railroad project I built,
my former Chase Marine Terminal NTRAK module in 1991-92. I did not have a high res scan of this image, so I used Topaz AI to upsample it and to sharpen it. I did the sky replacement years ago with an early version of PS.

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