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May 6, 2023

The Pigpen

I painted some figures for the layout tonight. The figures of the humans were some that I printed on my resin 3D printer.  The pigs are from a set of 1/48th scale farm animals by Pegasus Hobbies.

The first scene is of one of the Primmer daughters working on slopping the pigs in the pen under the watchful eye of her father. He is taking a break from working in his tool shed.  The tools in the shed are from Alkem Scale Models. I'm not sure how effective that fence would be in containing the pigs, but even if they escape, they can't resist the Primmer's slop. So they come back. 

The second scene shows the two men in top hats and a woman in a blue hoop skirt that I painting tonight. I am working on a set of woman and civilian men to be used in scene depicting one of the  U.S. Christian Commission stations. But for now, these figures will be by the Provost marshal office. 

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