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May 24, 2024

Almost Done


Soldiers from the 29th Infantry fight for their lives at Vierville Draw

We had an extended 2 day work session to finish up the D-Day Diorama Phase 2 - Vierville Draw.

Keith painting the cliffs
The work session started when I met Keith at the Army Navy Club to take down the Phase 1 diorama. Once that was secure in Keith's van, we headed to my house to work on the Phase 2 diorama. Keith is an amazing hard worker and we got right down to business. First Keith worked on finishing the water surface. He painted in the surf line. Then he worked on painting the rocks I carved. Meanwhile, I worked on the German bunkers and  houses in Vierville Descent (the part of town near the beach.)

After dinner, John Drye, John Kephart and Sean Barrett arrived. JD worked on the boat people, Kep painted the remaining buildings, and Sean did the tanks. There were 2 duplex drive tanks and 3 deep water fording tanks with snorkels. One of the fording tanks had a dozer blade. I worked on finishing the LCAs. Keith began applying scenery after I gave him a brief instruction on how I do it. It was amazing how the diorama transformed in that one night.

The next morning I continued with finishing the LCAs and tanks. Keith started adding the figures, obstacles and explosions. Once the boats and tanks were done, I started with scenic details such as groynes (jetties), concertina fences, and touch up painting. 

We still have some work to do, but the diorama is almost complete. 

Soldiers from D Company, 116th Infantry Regiment suffer casualties as they exit the landing craft

Overview of German Bunkers along the beach. Naval gunfire rips into the hills above while numerous American casualties lie on the beach. It is a true hellscape. 

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