October 28, 2009

Etched Switchstands, "W" Trestles & The General

I just finished the drawings for etched O Scale switch stands and link and pin couplers. Several folks have asked for these, so hopefully they will work out. Once I get the test shots back and checked out, they will become new products for my company, Alkem Scale Models. The kit is based on the type of switch stand shown in these photos.

The switch stand kits include four different style targets, bridles, rub plates, two and three way possible positions and even some scale spikes. If it works as designed, the switch stand kit will allow turnout control with all components "to scale." There should be no need for out of scale turnout bridles. All parts will be above grade for easy maintenance and scale appearance. They will work for On3 & On30 too with a simple modification to the bridles. Combined with autoreverse units on the frog, building and wiring a stub turnout will get a lot easier.

Secondly, I finally found a photo showing the "W" trestle bents mentioned in Haupt's book used in an USMRR bridge. It was in Racoon Gorge Bridge in Tenn shown here in a photo. The inset shows a close up of the bents.
This bridge was designed by E. C. Smeed, who was one of Haupt's engineers in Virginia. He transferred to the western theater in 1864. Haupt in his memoirs claims that Smeed was the single person most responsible for the Union winning the war. Smeed never published his own memoirs, but Haupt includes a long letter from Smeed that Smeed's daughter found after he died. The letter describes some of Smeed's bridge building and other engineering activities in the western theater. He was too modest to have them published himself.

The last big development this week was that we took delivery of our fourth engine from SMR Trains.
This is a two rail W&A General. It is probably the most attractive of all the SMR engines. The triple domes, outside frame and dark brown/olive green paint is stunning. This photo is from SMR's website. I haven't had a chance to photograph the model on my layout yet.

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  1. Bernie,
    The layout is fabulous and I know the Potomac Creek Bridge will be spectacular. Please keep me informed of your progress on the metal switch stands. I will need several.