October 5, 2009

Visit to Potomac Creek Bridge Site

On October 3, 2009 I visited the site of the Potomac Creek Bridge while driving home from the ACW RR Historical Society Meeting in Petersburg and City Point, VA. At this time of year the site is heavily obscured by vegetation, especially by thick forest. During the ACW, this site was completely denuded of trees by construction crews for materials to build the bridge and later soldiers looking for firewood.

Not much remains from the Civil War era bridge. The RF&P built a new bridge just south of the old bridge in the 1890's. They used the same northern abutment so the original stone abutment was destroyed during construction. They slightly relocated the line on the south side, so that part of the original stone abutment remains. A public road now occupies the former right of way. There was no sign of the stone piers, but the foundations might be visible in winter when the trees are leafless.

The cliff at the bridge site is quite steep, nearly vertical. It is a rock outcropping covered with a thick layer of dirt. It may have eroded some from the civil war era.

I put together this short video documenting my visit.

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