March 29, 2010

To the sound of guns...

My RR time this week was spent shipping books and working on artillery. The book hit number one best seller on Amazon for Model Railroad books over the weekend! That was cool.

I set up my mini-lathe and started turning barrels. I plan to do 3" Ordnance Rifles, 12 pound Napoleans, 12 pound howitzers and a 10 pound Parrots. Later I'll do the 20 pound Parrot. Those are the most common field guns.

I detailed a couple carriages with laser cut parts and I think they look good. Here is an in-progress photo before the tires and trunnion plates are added. I like how the trail spike and elevation screw detail came out using laser cut parts. I was concerned that I may have to etch these, but the laser cut parts worked great. This is a 3" Ordnance Rifle, one of the more common Union guns.


  1. Bernie,
    The Ordinance looks great. They remind of two such canon that sit on the old fort next to the New State Capitol in Baton Rouge - ironically they are Union Guns in a Confederate Town.

    So is Alkem on the way to becoming THE clearing house for ACW railroad modeling in O?

  2. It would if I could get some of these kits finished, produced and to market!