April 19, 2010

Official Portrait

Thanks to assistance from Mike Doyle and some tailoring by my mom, I was able to assemble a uniform for a Union General during the civil war era. We based the uniform and details on the two known photos of BG Herman Haupt. In both photos Haupt did not wear weapons, though his uniform looks in accordance with regulations in other respects.

The frock coat that I acquired from the Gettysburg Sutler is a heavy weight wool. In studying the actual photos of officers from the 1860s. it appears to me that the weight of the fabric that most of the photos show is lighter than what I have. I based this on the creases and folds visible in the fabric. I would guess that most officers had sufficient money to buy lighter weight fabric for service during the hot summers. Lighter weight wool was available for my uniform, but at a greater cost.

I do not plan to do any reenacting in the normal sense of recreating battles, but will wear the uniform for special occasions, events, talks, etc. For example, I am scheduled to do a talk on Civil War railroading next weekend at the ProRail event in Rockville, MD.


  1. That's a neat looking outfit you're wearing.

    Do you plan to buy a Kepi/Campaign Hat ?

  2. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to order a hat. I'll probably get a form of slouch hat. Haupt wore a undecorated, planter's style, wide brim hat in the one photo that shows him in uniform outdoors. BTW there is another photo in the National Archives that claims Haupt in civilian clothes is supervising work on the Orange and Alexandria, but I don't think the man is the picture is Haupt.