April 22, 2010

April Visitors

We had the pleasure of several visitors today, some expected and some unexpected. First Paul Dolkos, Chuck Hitchcok and Keith Jordan stopped by to see the layout. Chuck and Keith live in Kansas City and are in town for Prorail.

Here Keith is trying out the link and pin couplers. Chuck also took a try. Both are very experienced operators and they concluded that the link and pins are not unreasonable. They made some good suggestions on how to make the process simpler. I will try them out and report back.

In the second shot Paul and Chuck are marveling at my temporary wiring. As many of you know, wiring is my least favorite part of the hobby and I put it off as long as possible. So the layout is wired with alligator clips and an old MRC power pack. At some point I will wire it properly and add DCC with sound in the locos.

As Paul, Chuck and Keith were departing, I got a call from a college friend, Jim Caplan, that I hadn't seen in 11 years. He and his family were in town at a hotel one mile from my house. So we set up a quick visit.

Jim and Heather have two children that like trains, so Jim was able to convince them to leave the pool to see the layout.

In the video clip we see Matthew and Claire running a train across the layout. Check out the smiles on the children! They were very good operators and did a great job. They are delightful children and I was glad they got a chance to run trains on the layout.

It was great seeing Jim and Heather again. It is amazing how we can pick up right where we left off so many years ago. Of course a lot has happened and we just barely caught up on all the news.

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