April 12, 2011

Different Viewpoints

I tried a couple photos from different viewpoints trying to show an engine coming off the turntable at Falmouth. I used my  Canon 5D with the 28mm lens. This didn't allow me to focus as close as needed. I'll have to try with the macro lens later.

Need more sharpness in the foreground on this one


  1. You might want to try a digital program called Helicon focus. You basically is take lots of photos of the model using manual focus, where each photo is focused on different part of the model. The program merges all the photos into one.


    Kevin H.

  2. Kevin,
    I have Helicon Focus and the latest version of Photoshop CS4 that has that functionality built in. The problem with this shot was that I used my zoom lens that does not focus any closer. I can reshoot with my macro lens to get better depth of field.