April 24, 2011

Train of Doom

In 1962 Topps released a set of collectable  cards to commemorate the Centennial of the war. One of the 88 cards was called the "Train of Doom." The front shows an artist's conception of the accident, while the back explains the story. I have never heard about this incident before, but I post it here in case anyone else knows more details.

The other cards in this set can be seen at the Authentic History web site civil war pages.
After having read some of these cards, I suspect that the history they present is not well researched, to put it mildly.


  1. I believe that Train of Doom happened on Thom Radices RR...As a kid those cards were great...you couldn't get them past the censors today...just too bloody and violent.. Very short on history and long on gore. Pure tabloid art. Reminds me a little of some of Mort Kuntslers art. Dime novel cover art.

  2. Topps also produced the famous "Mars Attacks" series of cards. At the time, these cards were considered rather lurid, and many a boy had to hide them from their parents. As Brian said, lots of blood and gore. Makes you want to run out and buy a pack! :)