April 3, 2011

Reinforcements Arrived

Lieutenant Drye recruited a company of US Regulars for picket duty on the Aquia Line. He purchased these figures at the Cold Wars Miniature Gaming Convention last month. These are mostly Old Glory 28mm figures painted by a professional figure painter to a high war game standard. Unfortunately, I don't know who the painter was so I can't credit him.

They are currently mounted on gaming bases, but I will probably need to remove them and place them individually on a dirt road in the background.  I also need to replace the flags, which would most likely be cased for an administrative move like marching around camps. I have nearly 100 Old Glory figures that will help fill out this unit. Eventually I plan to have a column of about 200 men marching and another unit of about equal size in formation at attention or at ease.

I also had some visitors this weekend. On Friday Andy Sperandeo and Paul Dolkos stopped by for a visit.  On Sunday Brian and Jake Brendel visited the layout. This was Jake's first visit.  I fired up the layout, but things were running a bit rough, as the track was dirty from all the ballasting and construction work. Things ran much better after I cleaned the tracks.

Jake and Brian -  click the image for the full story.


  1. Really glad to have gotten steered to this site. Outstanding job in all respects. That burned down house ruin is fantastic.

    Mannie Gentile

  2. Welcome aboard.

    The ruin is the former RF&P Falmouth station.

  3. Just read every post- very impressive work!

    I think you were misinformed, I believe those are Sash and Saber, not Old Glory.

  4. I thought I recognized some of the figures from my Old Glory stock, but you may be right. I don't have any Sash and Saber 28mms.

  5. I recognized a few Sash and Saber figs, but it could be a mixture of the two.

  6. Josiah, I forgot to commend you for reading the whole blog! That is an achivement.

  7. Leonard Albright is the painter. He has painted a number of troops for me, from Alexander the Great to Jan Sobieski. He is one of the best.

  8. I like how you worked Jan Sobieski into the comment. Now, where are the winged hussars?