April 17, 2011

Mr Tea Visits

No, not him! Though he is welcome to visit and pity me and my jibber jabber.

It was Peter Magoun, from Traverse City, MI who visited the layout today. Pete earned his nickname by sending me a box full of used, dried tea leaves. These are really great for scenery detailing.

Pete has been following the progress of the layout via the blog and my posts on the Railroad Line Forums. Pete was on his way back to Michigan, so he didn't have a lot of time. But he did get a chance to run a couple short trains to test the link & pin couplers and stub turnouts.

Pete owns a hobby shop in Traverse City. I haven't been there but it sounds like a nice shop. They have a display layout.  Pete is also involved in the Maine HOn30 Model Railroad group, but I may not have the name of the group right. I don't know if they have a group web site. Pete was also a navy aviator. He was very impressed with the plans for the steam ships. He works with a group on Lake Michigan  that teaches sailing to children.

Here Pete is running the engine Haupt at Brook with a short train.

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